mother in law spells by Chief Mwanga

Mother in law spells by Chief Mwanga, are the strongest there are in the world. Whether or not you’re married, everyone will be happier if your partner’s mother loves you. You can win your mother-in-law over by sending your love to her.

Choose a Friday evening when the moon is waxing. Take a pink candle and write your wish around it. Your wish should come from the heart. It could be something as simple as:

“(Mother-in-law’s middle name), love me.”


Take a pin with a blue head, for healing, or a yellow head for enlightenment. Between the beginning and end of your message, pierce the candle with the pin so that its tip emerges on the other side of the candle.

Light the candle and imagine the light of the flame warming your mother-in-law’s heart. Leave the candle to burn down and extinguish itself, and salvage the pin.

Now have a tulip bulb ready, because tulips are said to heal rifts and reunite. Confirm your wish as you push the pin into the bulb. Then bury the bulb in a plant pot or garden. If it is the wrong season for planting, plant the bulb in a flower pot and care for it indoors. Your mother-in-law’s love for you will grow with the bulb.

Spells/Tips To Deal With A Strict Mother-in-law

spell for a mother in law

The most common hypothesis that “your mother-in-law can never love you like your own mother” has made this a very fragile looking relationship. A mother-in-law plays a vital role in the lives of every married couple. Sharing a tricky relationship with her can bring trouble in your wedding bliss.  

Thanks to the Indian TV shows where mother-in-laws are portrayed in the bad light this relationship gets even more complicated. But, even in real, she may be strict and restrictive. Chief Mwanga’s spells were created to handle this.

  • Respect her

Besides a spell by Chief Mwanga, your mother-in-law like anybody elder will expect you to respect her. There should be a mutual respect between you both. It can be possible that she doesn’t return the respect so what do you do? Respecting her and being polite yet open can help you avoid giving her any opportunity to badmouth about you to anybody.

Suppose, her verbal remarks may hurt you and if you retort, she’s likely to talk to your husband about it. This would lead to a subjective battle of your words against hers and there is no conclusion ever.

  • Assert yourself

You need to understand that your mother-in-law though strict isn’t necessarily a bad person. Lay down your expectations about yourself so that there is never a chance that she claims of not knowing. You need to make your voice heard. You cannot be following something which you don’t approve only because she finds it right.

  • Don’t have unrealistic expectations

Irrespective of your mother-in-law’s behavior while living together you may not be able to decide how much you interact with her. Assuming that she is the closest to your husband you have to maintain the relationship with her which is healthy for both of you.

Also, you must understand that your mother-in-law is not another mother. It is unfair to expect her to be like your parents. You may be disappointed leading to misunderstandings.

  • Get your spouse involved

Let your partner know about the discomfort you feel because of her strict rules. He may be able to handle her better than you. Neither criticize her nor protect her. Your spouse can help you understand your mother-in-law’s behavior better. He would know how to impress her and win her trust. He can be a very important and convenient help in dealing with your strict mother-in-law.

It is not impossible that mother-in-laws are like friends to the daughter-in-laws. This can be possible if they understand each other. Mother-in-laws need to know that there has been a generation gap between them. Expecting the daughter-in-law to change herself only to fit in is unrealistic.

Confession by a top client of Chief Mwanga!

“Dear Ladies,

I have been a victim of my mother-in-law’s shady world.I pray that this should NOT happen to anybody..All due to her extreme possessiveness,jealously and greedy nature,MY M-I-L MADE A VOODOO DOLL OF ME LIKE AS IF STRANGLING MY NECK FROM MY VERY OWN CHUDIDHAR CLOTH.I was shocked the day I found that.

She pretended to be good to me before the marriage.Shockingly from DAY 2 of marriage, her true colors started to show up.I felt as though she was snatching my husband from me emotionally, mentally and physically.

However I left to the US after two months of marriage. But strange things began to happen it me.I am convent educated and never believed in all this ‘voo-doo’ stuff.after unpacking I found a lot of strange stuff in our suitcase like a coin with numbers (which had our marriage date and my birthday), weird photos which looked like god but not god I bet you could never find it anywhere.I kept finding things that were weird, and my intuitions told me something was’nt right.

I started falling ill frequently, got hit from my husband, a stubborn guy, who would shut himself off and ultimately I would end up sobbing.He clutched my neck many times.I was suffering in silence…and all the fights unbelieving were for the silliest of reasons.

He used to call his mother and speak as though she were his wife!!! and used sweet words, but not once after marriage did he behave affectionately.Even if he showed some affection it was for a short time, only till the phone came from his mother.
After the phone call he would sit like a stubborn idiot.And moreover told very softly in another room like secret mosquito buzzing.

Initially for 6 months I suffered so much.I had an accident and got my leg burnt.The accident was strange..strange enough to believe it happened in this way.The oil actually sprung up high and hit my leg hard, targetting my face but I fell down and a part of my leg has been after two years the scars are still there, God I’m alive.

Another strange incident was that I felt down in the hard snow,and escaped another time, minor scratch, but doc told me without coat I could have hurt my spinal cord.

My eating habits became bad.I missed breakfast almost everyday. I lost around 10-15 kgs.Almost everybody who saw me commented that I was looking tired, frail and lost lot of weight.And to be true I myself did not notice that I lost so much of weight..until I compared my wedding photgraohs to the current one.

Then I began to have strange dreams, in which I could see my mother in law performing rituals and her face looked so different.I have seen that kind of look when she used to take my husband out without me.A sly look.She has also told me to go stay at my parenst house.

So that she can talk to my husband and that she wants to spend some time with him without me,almost chased me out of the house, and my husband was standing there looking like a fool. I have my connection with God, but then at some point I have been vulnerable to let evil forces affect me.

Last year I finally visited a Chief Mwanga, who just asked me my name, and unbelieving told me I am under the attack of evil spirits and my mother-in-law herself is a evil power .He told me all the incidents, the fire accident, the slip in the snow, etc etc just by asking my name.Since I nver used to believe this stuff or in astrology, I asked another person, who also told me the same thing.

Chief Mwanga told me exactly what happened.I was too shocked and strated trusting this evil attack to be 200% true.Many of you may not beleive this, but it happened to me and here I ma before you typing this , how I survived.I was a victim and could have lost my life.

I started believing 100% when I found my missing dupatta made into a voo-doo doll looking frail looking just like me, with hands and legs folded, neck strangled.WAS I SHOCKED, BUT BROKEN HEARTED.He performed some poojas and that the evil energy would not surround me anymore.He gave me some protective raksha kavach,and told me to do holy prayers every-day.I still did’nt know hat was going on.

I told my hubby that I saw his mother performing rituals strange in the night with hair open and silent (not in front of god, that too after 11.00 pm)He told me that he will take care, but then he asked his mother if that is true, and she denied it.

A big issue,she sobbed but in her argument she almost spurted out the fact that she did’nt wan to separate us?!!!Then it was confirmed….she also blurted out other things in a fury which I can’t even type.But my husband does not want to hear any more,though deep in his heart he knows that she has done ‘that’ against me.I hate him for that.He doesn’t have the courage to tell her to stop doing all these strange things.

But 5% I am still scared about this terrible woman what she had done to me.I never want to see her again.
My parents had been the only support I ever had.But I am still a courageous soul, ready for anything that might happen in the future.

I will try my best to amke my relationship work with my husband.Sometimes I do feel that I have to get out, but then the truth is only because of his mother’s influence he behaved strangely.My f-i-l is no more, and because of this m-i-l wants the control over issues.She even snatched my jewel locker key, but I fixed that issue too.

Honestly I don’t wan to believe voodoo stuff, but I have been a victim.

Today after a year, after the voodoo doll was taken out and burnt,things have changed a lot,I started eating properly,got a job, my husband is bonded to me,very affectionate, treats me with love,listen to me,gives me importance,I got a job in the US.

My question lies here, how do I behave with this woman who tried to harm me?

Kindest regards



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